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How does this method?

Luck plays a big and necessary role in games in general but mathematics can help you control your chances. This is where we have something to offer.

This method has been created for the game European Roulette. This game is mostly determined by luck. Despite that, we have found the way to better your luck through mathematics. Even if you’re not a roulette expert, you won’t have any difficulty in following our method. Indeed, you will just have to bet on “colors” (black or red) as we’ll explain in a moment

By betting on those two different possibilities (red and black), you will very quickly increase your winnings.

The steps to winning

Put 1 Dollar on red or black and turn the roulette.
If you lose then simply put the double so 2 Dollars on red or black.
Should you lose again then just put the double again on red or black, this time 4 Dollars.
The chance between red and black is almost 50 to 50 and so you will never be more than 5 or 6 times wrong and have to win at some point.

If you win, you just start all over again.